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Welcome to... a Chef's Journey

a Chef's Journey is a journey into cooking, writing and sharing
my cookbooks and recipes with the world.

you can contact me: achefsjourney@netscape.com

In time for Christmas! All my books are available on a couple of websites that
allow me to send them to you directly ~ which means I can sign them for you.


www.amazon.com still carries my books, also.

And, Roy's beautiful wood products are available through
www.etsy.com also.

Also, here's some exciting news:


for information, please go to:

Many, many fun things (plus my books) can be purchased through an online auction platform to benefit culinary students in need of assistance. Chefs4Students
has awarded over $88,000 in grants over the past 8 years.

Why not join us in helping more deserving students join our wonderful world of food!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We have lots of news for everyone ~ been really busy the last few months.
My new book, "I Have LEFTOVERS...What Do I Do Now," is available now. See above for
ordering this wonderful new book and any of my other cookbooks.

It's full of ideas and recipes to make your leftovers shine!

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Hear an interview between the chef and Nadia Giordana

The new cookbook is ready to meet the world

Black Beans & Corn 

Why a book about Black Beans and Corn? I have no idea, except that this is a combination of ingredients I have always been drawn to. The book is divided into four sections; recipes using Black Beans, then recipes using Corn and lastly recipes using Black Beans and Corn together in dishes.

In the fourth, and last, section of the book I have added “The Pantry” for your convenience. As you look through the recipes in each section, you will find within the ingredient lists, a reference, “(see The Pantry),” which will give you instructions for making or preparing  a called for part of the recipe. For example: “1 cup prepared salsa (see The Pantry)” tells you there is a recipe to make your own salsa in the Pantry section of the book. (In fact, there are 8 salsa recipes!)
All these recipes for $14.95

I hope you will have as much fun with the dishes in thebook as I had developing them.

to order

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The first book, Share a Recipe, came into being because of friends asking
me how to fix healthy, satisfying, and inexpensive dinners
as I had for my large family.

From those requests came ideas from friends, neighbors, and fellow chefs
from all over the world which I compiled into a cookbook to be shared by all
and benefit a very special group ~ future chefs. All the proceeds of this book
go to Chef Scholarships - anyone actively enrolled in a Culinary Institution
is eligible for a scholarship.

My next cookbook is a different journey ~ it's a chef's journey home and
the title of this book is, coincidentally, titled:

a Chef's Journey...Home

And this book is now out and ready for you!

It was truly a work of love; remembering the women who
cooked these recipe while we were growing up and for
the friends who are sharing their favorties also. I hope
some of the recipes will become your family favorites also.

The next journey I have embarked on is different
from the first two books in that all the recipes are
brand new and we're back in the 21st Century of 

Pizza,  Pizza,  Pizza!!


I love my newest book which is chocked full of information on methods of cooking pizza at home, plus 10 different pizza dough recipes.
There are also many ideas for saucing and topping your pizzas
and a section for specialty pizzas, including dessert pizzas.
And, the best part is, we still love pizza ~ we aren't tired
of it yet. Which is a good thing, because I think there will
be a Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Part II book soon.

This little book will make a great stocking
stuffer and it's only $9.95

If you love pizza, you will love this book.



C. Jean Denham, CC ~ a Chef's Journey, Owner/Chef

       Share a Recipe Cookbook Share A Recipe Cookbook: comfort foods to make you feel like part of the family

Over 100
comfort food
recipes that are inexpensive to
prepare for your family.

These dishes collected from Chefs
and Cooks all over the world will
become your family favorites also!

All proceeds from this book go to
Chef Scholarships to help our future
Chefs. $14.95

Order from our online store
And Available At:
Port Book and News, Port Angeles, WA
Necessitites and Temptations, Port Angeles, WA


   a Chef’s Journey…Home

a chefs journey...Home offers warm memories and recipes from growing upHow do I thank the women in my life who taught me the love of food and cooking? By gathering theirs and other recipes that my family grew up eating and loving and offering them to all of you in my new book,
a Chef’s Journey…Home.
By sharing these dishes, I hope their memories live on for many generations to come.


Many of my friends, fellow chefs and food lovers, are traveling back in time to remember the foods they loved growing up also.  $19.95

Order from us online:

And Available At:
Port Book and News, Port Angeles, WA
Necessitites and Temptations, Port Angeles, WA
Harbinger Winery, Port Angeles, WA


Where does time go?? 1 1/2 years since I’ve been able to get back to my website and I promised myself I would not do this. Sigh.


Time to get busy promoting myself and my books ~ since I am not a household name, it’s going to be a challenge to get the news out to the world that there are 5 (more being worked on) cookbooks out ‘there’ that I would love for everyone to enjoy and maybe pick up a few idea for cooking.


Again, I’ll make the pledge – I promise myself I will add at least one recipe at least 4 times a week from here on. So, I’d better get started. I will be sharing the recipes with Pinterest, facebook, and any other communication sites that my friends teach me how to use.


Let’s get cooking -  

Hello again to all who have (and hopefully will) visit my website!! I have so many pots on the stove, I'm having to put a couple on the back burner and  I'm afraid this site is one of them. 3 months ago, we sold our home in Port Angeles, WA, stored what we wanted to keep and sold (or gave away) all else. Loaded up our travel trailer and hit the  road.

We're hoping to have enough fun to stay on the road for at least one year and maybe longer - who knows and we are just going to let the weather  guide us on our adventures. So far, we have visited six states and I'm doing my best to cook favorite foods of each state. I did not know this was going to be such a challenge; a fun challenge, but boy, am I cooking up a storm (and eating like little piggies!).

If you'd like to follow our adventures and check out some fun food that we are finding in each state, please sign up (or just visit) my blog - http://cjdacook.wordpress.com and maybe you'll find some ideas to try.

We're in Kansas City, MO today and leaving for Lake of the Ozarks tomorrow, so look for some more recipes for BBQ, and probably twice-baked potato recipes that are so popular in this area. ON THE ROAD AGAIN!! :)

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